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MTA:VC Questions

Guest Alphazulu

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(1) Is there, or ever going to be traffic? it's pretty crap runing around in a empty bland city.

(2) I was playing gtat vice city on the lan 250mbps connection and i noticed micro lag for the other player very jumpy and couldn't turn around without being it the car, will MTA:VC be like that?

(3) will there be an option to remove the giant arrow boucing above the other players head?

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syncd traffic is really bandwidth heavy, the team are working on it, and havent ruled it out, but the next ver of mta wont have traffic in it.

Only the developers that have played gtaT could tell you if mta will be the same. Overcourse im hoping it will be better =)

The arrows can be removed, that is easy from what i remember =)

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#1 and #3 will be considered at a later date, but for now traffic is disabled and arrows are on.

As for #2, MTA does things a lot differently and the lag is "different" lag. It is hard to explain and you will just have to wait and see. LAN play should be quite good I imagine.

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Is there a way to shrink those arrows, or put the names on the bottom of the model? Those things get annoying, fast! :(

They actually help, those arrows, when you are driving your car at someone who is walking it will help you aim

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