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MTA Error Reporter bug?

Guest didoo

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When "MTA" bug, the window "MTA Error Reporter" opens for send the report.

So I enter my login with my password but it tells me it is not good while I'm connected at the same time on the site ... What to do?

Moreover, some players never die when they are not even admin ... Why?

Thanx for your help

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IDK if this the best place to palce this post..but i have a crazy problem that fucks my MTA...

i enter to a server..and after 1 min of playing..it crashes..MTA close and back to desktop.....just with 1 server..the other servers i know..are OK..they work fine..but its just a single server that makes this...PLS HELP!!!

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:!: SAME USER AS 15th_timepresent :!:

i have the same problem..

when i enter to ''my'' server...after 1 min if playing...it crashes...MTA close and the im in the desktop...i need help...PLS!!! :fadein:

in other servers this problem dont happen...i can play fine..but just in ''my'' server happen

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