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[REL] Box system version 1.0.1

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  • This is my first release!
    This box system can be very handy if you need/want a box system, it has 4 important boxes:
  1. Error box
  2. Warning box
  3. Info box
  4. Confirm box

The current version is: 1.0.1

Bug fixes

Client confirm action check. Fixed.

Important update:

This the last release of the 1.0.* versions. All the other bug fixes will be fixed in the new sub version release! Version 1.1.0


  • Futures for the version 1.1.0
    Adding an load box.
    Adding an good box.
    Changing the images.
    Testing to use it as a misc resource, while testing in an other resource


  • In your gamemode/script dir in the resource folder create:
    DIR: client
    DIR: client - images
    DIR: server
    put the next files in:
    error.png, warning.png, info.png, question.png in:
    client_core.lua, client_funtions.lua, client_example.lua in:
    server_functions.lua, server_example.lua in:
    Add in your meta.xml file:
<file src="client/images/error.png" type="client" /> 
<file src="client/images/warning.png" type="client" /> 
<file src="client/images/info.png" type="client" /> 
<file src="client/images/question.png" type="client" /> 
<script src="server/server_functions.lua" type="server" /> 
<script src="server/server_example.lua" type="server" /> 
<script src="client/client_core.lua" type="client" /> 
<script src="client/client_functions.lua" type="client" /> 
<script src="client/client_example.lua" type="client" /> 

Then test it with the next commands:

/cerror - Show error box 
/cwarning - Show warning box 
/cinfo - Show info box 
/cconfirm - get you million. 


/serror - Show error box 
/swarning - Show warning box 
/sinfo - Show info box 
/sconfirm - get you million. 


  • This system is licensed with the gpl public license.
GPL public license

Final notes

  • For the usage take a look in server_example.lua or client_example.lua.
    To report bugs just type:
    Bug name: Your bug name
    Bug explain: You bug explain
    Download from community:
http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ils&id=173
I hope you are happy with this system!

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It is an resource, misc.

But i don't know if it is a misc that i can use it in an other resource.

So that's why i explained how to install it. If you can use it in other resources, what i'm going to test for 1.1.0!

But first release a bug fix, very soon (maybe tonight) 1.0.1

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The resource type has no effect on anything in MTA. We don't even read that. It's purely for information and for the website. Oh, and other resources can use it too, if they wish...

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well... lol, ok then... 1337 it is... still the gpl license bothers me xD

First why it bothers you.

Second the gpl license is not only for .exe files, but for every file extensions. Even .lua.

Third you can edit the script, but not release it without my (written) permission. (thats gpl)

Fourth i really don't bother either you like the license or not.


1.0.1 bug fix released.

This is the last release of the 1.0.* versions. The new version what is coming is 1.1.0

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