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Help with mta

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I have problem launching mta for sa...

i downloaded it installed in some directory didnt run...

i installed second time but in san andreas directory and appears that stop playing with yourself... and thats all i tried holding ctrl and choosing directory like one of ur tips said... no help... what could e prob

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the problem you might have is your GFX card being too weak for the GFX settings you have applied in GTASA single player - i have had a similar problem like you running MTA for the first time. I am running on an old NVIDIA GEFORCE5600FX with only 128MB, but MTA is running smooth for me now. The workaround for me was:

1. Start GTA:SA in single player

2. select Options

3. turn down everything related to DETAILand DRAW DISTANCE (in the display menu) to the lowest setting possible.

4. If your GFX card is even older than mine, try to change to a 16 Bit resolution instead of a 32 bit...

let me know if that fixes it for you - i think that one other setting could solve your problem but it's already about half a year ago since i started playing DM so i haven't seen the SP options menu for quite some time now :P

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