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The state of MTA speech/xerox hits 2000/stop spamming xerox


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OK - i seem to make a habit of this, so ill give into it.

Every 1000 posts i seem to write about MTA's state of affairs. A viewpoint from someone who isn't part of the dev team and can give an outsider's perspective on mta, its community and its members =)

First of all Id like to welcome the YAMM team into the MTA fold. YAMM looked to be a brilliant mod, and now their quick developing skills (ive never seen a mod come togeather so quick) can be assimila.. *ahem* i mean will only help the release of MTA. Yes there have been problems in communication etc, but those problems have now been all but fixed, and development is coming along nicely.

It also seems that i am no longer part of the prestigeous 1000 posts club, with MR.Bill, Iggy, and now "me" reaching the milestone. All of these people are great on the forums, and do a lot of work, thanks to all of you, for making my job as moderator so easy =)

The gang aspect of mta seems to have died off as of late. Warlord looks to have scared off all the little gangs =P j/k =). Only VCK and BLASTA remain from the initial influx of groups revolved around mta. I hope that when the next ver of mta is released, that more people start creating gangs and being more active in them.

Speaking of gangs, i am really anticipating the blasta vs vck stunt challenge. That video will be great, watch out for it in the next few weeks =)

The next release of MTA will hopefully not be rushed like the last one. Personally i found it too buggy to be playable, and although it was a solid effort, a lot more could have been done, had some stupid no-bodies decided they wanted it released on their birthday, day of their lan party, barmistfa etc etc we dont give a f**k etc :twisted::P:twisted: Hopefully the next release will come out only when the developers want it to.

Id like to once again thank the forum regulars, blast thread contributors and MTA developers for making this mod what it is.

keep on spammin :roll:

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Well i would like to take the oportunity than to thank the MTA team (all of you) for all your hard and great work. you are making us a dream ... it really is ... a nearly perfect game like GTA3 (VC or not) going multiplayer... what could we ask for more ?

reading this :

The next release of MTA will hopefully not be rushed like the last one

sure made me happy as i'm one of the ppl that rather wait for the good stuff, than to have something rushed that takes away a little of the thrill i have when i open this forum (several times a day, i have to confess :oops: )

thanks again and keep posting ... i'll keep reading !

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