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Gang Website Links plz


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hello this the recruitor from the cia gta team

we have awebsite but for members only

it has the skins to download cars and all the extra stuff

but only for members and for that a test needs to happen for someone to access that site

the official cia recruitor


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lol - whats the point of telling us that we cant come in? (sides to make a sneaky advertisment of the perks of ya gan :P )

perhaps a public page would be good.

as for blasta - i doubt we will have a page, unless a member wants to make one.

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we started as UKC but changed to VCS .... i posted along time ago under Join the UK's #1 Clan.

But because of lack of english players and lack of other clans we had to make the clan global, So now everyone is welcome to join :D

Also we didnt want to post about the clan untill we had some sort of hompage

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