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Comparisson ... and questions


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I don't know if the MTA developers and beta-testers tried GTAT 0.2 yet ... but ...

i just played GTAT and obviously its time for a comparisson

i played with a friend on my server (home cable 16KB upload) and it has that southpark movement we saw on our (MTA-VC's) movie, but it's allied with some sort of lag , so i don't know if it's lag or the "southpark movement", does the current internal build have this ? this allied with some weird other player driving visuals(bike appearing and disapearing and appearing inches ahead etc) make it kind of hard to enjoy the multiplayer option ...

i do hope that MTA is better than this ... at least a fluid driving ? cause if no ... take your time to make it so ... i'll try it (GTAT) again on another server ... but this is my initial opinion ... we can learn from what we can see on the current GTAT and improve on MTA-VC...

another thing ... please block the movement keys when chating cause it's so anoying in GTAT when you're typing and your character jumps or exits/enters a vehicle ... and sometimes because of this the caracters don't appear ... ah on the chatting subject, is there a way to see at least 3 chats cause if you chat right after somebody chats you can't see it ... well these are GTAT's issues , and i just didn't want to see them on MTA...

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To quickly answer the questions:

The jumping you are seeing is a side effect of lag and the "teleportation" method that we are forced to use as we do not have access to the GTA source. GTAT and MTA do things very differently, so the "lag" that you experience will be different in either mod. Only time will tell which is better.

Blocking movement keys is actually a problem that seems to have plagued both mods. We are currently working on a method to prevent this, but I do not think this will prevent a release (if it's fixed, it's fixed, if not, oh well).

The chat displaying 3 lines is actually somewhat impossible right now. There is only two ways to fix this, with both taking a lot of ways. One would be to have internal timers change the text that is displayed on the fly (hard to calculate). The second would be to have an overlay that does not use GTA's at all (extremely hard to implement right now). Neither is feasible .... yet.

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isn't it possible to have a buffer of chats like buffer.chat[0->x] when displayed the 1st (0) moving the remaining to the top ? extra memory or auxiliary file ? at least we would see all the chats for an y amount of time ... of course if there were many it wouldn't be real time ... but at least you could see them all ...

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