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Russian Language on chat ( mtasadm dp3 )

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LUA & MTA can't use an encoding for special non-ascii characters? I'm italian and a lot of italian words uses letters like ò, à, è etc. I have to use plain letters with " ' " to write them, and is really boring. I can figure how boring can be for a russian to translate every cyrillic character in ascii letters (by the way, i'm learning russian, very nice language :)).

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Would be nice too see german umlauts (ä/ö/ü) and eszet (ß) working in dp3.

thats not really important ..because u can write oe instead of ö etc. ...and a normal s or double ss instead of ß ^^

i think russian and other languages are more important at the moment :P

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I was raped by an umlaut.

but yeh - would be good to see it in game; it would make translating things to and from, say russian, easier when you have no-one who speaks both and you want to try and tell someone the rules etc.

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Russian letters in MTA server console:

function fixconsole(str)
   local fix_str = ""
   local fix_len = string.len(str)
   local ascii_byte
   for i=1, fix_len, 1 do
       ascii_byte = string.byte(str,i)
       if (ascii_byte == 0xA8) then ascii_byte = 0xF0
       elseif (ascii_byte == 0xB8) then ascii_byte = 0xF1
       elseif (ascii_byte > 0xBF and ascii_byte < 0xF0) then ascii_byte = ascii_byte - 0x40
       elseif (ascii_byte > 0xEF and ascii_byte < 0x100) then ascii_byte = ascii_byte - 0x10 end
       fix_str = string.format("%s%s",fix_str,string.char(ascii_byte))
   return fix_str

returns fixed string.

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