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Let users play custom music files

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It is possible to play custom music files with the san andreas radio.

There is a radio station "User Tracks" or something like that. To make it work, you need to go to My Documents - GTA San Andreas User Files - User Tracks and create shortcuts to the music/folders which contain the music. After that open the SA Single Player, go to options - audio - user tracks options and select the "scan tracks" (or something like that) button. Now when you select the User Track radio station your own music will play.

The annoying thing about this way of playing music is that when the car changes in the race mode or when you exit the car in dm mode is that the music stops (if is the race mode it stops for few seconds and then keeps playing).

And, by the way, why do you need a gta san andreas music player?? Get winamp or itunes, turn on "Shuffle" if you don't want to play the music in the album order and....that is it.

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Not a bad idea, but it means also to add an option for custom audio from the game in options menu, and to limit audio files size. Even a background and separated download of this kind of resource can be useful to play without waiting to load optional files.

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