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Opening an announcement section in the forum

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maybe we should open a server announcement section for unique gamemodes to introduce themselves - in other words, gamemodes made by the player him/herself instead copied from somewhere else. also maybe a separate one for upcoming unique gamemodes. that way, people get more hope for better gaming experience in the future.

the rules must be strict. the gamemode must be very original to be able to show up in the announcement section. otherwise, you'll end up with a huge list of crappy servers like in the samp server announcement section.

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I would think that a change to the layout of the “Map Editor” area would be more relevant.

- Gamemodes / Scripts -

The latest releases.

- Showroom -

Discuss the latest in development.

- Support / Help -

Solve your irritations here.

I would agree with norby89 about the most unique and popular creations being “Stickied” otherwise.

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we must keep in mind that it's not the scripters we are trying to impress, our most important targets are the players who don't know jack about scripting, and only want to have a good time. they are our CUSTOMERS and we must treat them like that. otherwise, they will never come. it's bullshit but it's how life is.

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