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List of Errors/faults ive encountered


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Im sure these arent due to my incompetance and i have searched the forumns for help but not found ny thing that has helped

Im on Win xp home edition version 0.3b of mta and v1.1 of gta3.

1) I connect and the dots dont moove on the radar, nothing i have read about this on the forums has helped.

2)Both me and my friend have stood in the same server at the same point and not seen one another!!! Whats going on here?

3) Supprisingly enough i encountered someone or something. A diablo car struck me at the diablo starting point then smashed into the wall and whent through it. I saw a solitary man standing on some grass, i killed him (he did nothing), another tim - same scenario but the man was in a corner.

4) I enter a populated server and no one is there, i have seen ways to fix this in some posts but they are very generals and dont work (disconnecting and reconnecting DOESNT fix it :-( )

5) My particular favourites - driving along in a diablo car and suddenly spawning back at the start point. When i returned to where i was in the diablo car it was still there?? Also i encountered cars that keep flipping and flipping over and over.

Im sure its a cool mod but id like to play it, ny help plzz.

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6) My favorite one yet - this is an extension of one of the other points. A couple of secs ago this happened; Ok so i join a game (again, hoping that it might work). I join diablo...OMG theres a green dot thats MOOVING!!!!!!. Ok so i get in to a diablo car, excellent the fault where my aim is constantly to the right of my car has gone. i drive out the little area and towards the dot <<>>. Ahh (me thinks i have encountered this fault before). So i pick diablo again, take a diablo car, drive for a few mo's towards my dot and flash it happens again!!! Ohh dear this time the fault is reccuring. I try again, different car - make it past one of the first 2 cars but it happens again. Hmm...try mafia....damn looks like the mod havent been able to solve the problem either (by know i know the details of the helipad of by heart!). I could quit, but no not I, for i have seen the elusive green dot and it is mooving !!! I start to walk, cant sprit (dunno why but the shift key isnt my sprint function ny more and i darent leave to change it incase the dot dissapears....MUST...SEE...MOOVING...DOT!!) I walk...and i walk... and i find i am headed towards the docks. I round the corner of a factory - that dot is indeed mooving, in a repetative fashion...HEY!! wait a sec its deffying the laws of physics the dot appears, goes foward then disappears and re appears at its start point!! arghhhh what is this. I round the corner and find a banshee spawning, dooing 100mph of the dock side and smashing into a ship and plumetting to its doom....it then RESPAWNS and does the same thing over again, and again, and AGAIN. Im laughing my head off, all this effort to see the banshee with multiple death whishes. Wll i decide to try and break its flow, i step in its way( lol im dead, whats more funny is that the force of the blow knocks me from the helipad into the diablo blue ring and into the parked diablo cars)...i exited shortly after.

On a more serious note (cause i did get a bit of fun out of beta testing this). Me and my friend tried to play earlier and im sure he said something about a car constantly going into a boat (hes not online atm so i cant ask and its late here so i wont phone). If he did, and im pretty sure he did, then we have identified some sort of server ghost fault. What/who is the crashing car? AND HOW DO I PLAY OTHER PEOPLE ON THIS MOD..... :evil: .....gd night boys and girls this concludes tdays lesson. :?

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Nice post :D I'm glad you still had some fun playing the 0.3 beta. I haven't played it much since it was released, because I thought there were too many bugs in it, and wanted to help our team to get them fixed. Now that I've been testing the new and improved MTA, I can assure you, that there wil not be just one dot on the radar, and they will not be elusive at all. They might, in fact, prove to be very dangerous.

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no no, xerox. Although you do bring up a point. Heh. That's a nice idea. What I tried to say is, that you will not be hunting 'server ghosts' in our next release.

EDIT - More clarification: If it moves, It's alive. If it doesn't move it doesn't have a dot.

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hacane =P - you commited a cardinal sin by asking for the release date :twisted::roll::twisted:

as for the beta, beta testing works like so, if you happen to be on irc when they ask for testers and you make it in the chan in time, your in - and very lucky =P

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