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I'm a real shopper!


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I went shopping on Amazon today and saved $222! I bought 5 c++ books for 3D game programming. So I'm going to be busy when them books come. :P

I bought:

Programming Game AI by Example -Bought from users (NEW)

3D Game Engine Design: A practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics -Bought from user (Like new?)

2D Artwork and 3D Modeling for Game Artists -Bought from user (NEW)

Programming a Multiplayer FPS in DirectX -Bought from user (NEW)

Real-Time 3D Terrain Engines Using c++ and DirectX9. -Bought from a user (NEW)

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I don't like OGRE3D because any changes you make to the engine you need to release to public. I wanna make my own game engine, and I know it's going to take hundreds of hours of work. But if I make it good I can sell it, and thats where a lot of my income will come in if it's good.

I'm just going to have a 1 set price of $600. That will license you to be able to sell your game and stuff.

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