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Help me im a noob

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Not a lazy noob though, just an unfortunate one. I dowloaded mta a while ago but gave up on it (it was examn time). I decided to give it another shot now that i got more time but i never downloaded the manual before and the downloads section is indeffinately down so im asking here for help. From the forumns ive managed to get as far as installing mta and installing ASE and finding the servers. However i have no clue how to get to the well known mta credits that i assume scroll before the game.

So what do i do next - i click on the server but the MTA console comes up and thats it. Does the game have to be running first (ive tried this and no luck either), do i have to type nything in game?? And finally how do i know when im in a game?

Ny help would be appreciated :-P thanx

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Yes, you have to have GTA3 running when you run MTA :)

but first, if you can't get to the credits:

open GTA3, hit 'new game'. it should say 'start new mta game' (or something with MTA in it). If it says 'start new game'...

run C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA3\launcher.exe

hit GTA3:MTA

when GTA3 opens (if it doesn't load open it yourself, and if an error pops up, put it in this thread), hit 'start game', 'start new mta game'

the credits should roll, and you've got to the point you needed to get to :)

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it should be in there somewhere...

did it give you any errors?

and remember that you have to start up GTA3, and hit 'new game'... that's where the submenu is that should say 'start new MTA game'...

just try starting a new game even if it doesn't say anything different. If the credits pop up, it's just a weird bug that means it won't change the menu...

oh ya... and tell us your version of windows.

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what version would you be trying to install?

It looks as though you've got 0.2 by mistake :)

you're supposed to install it with a fancy-pancy installer, in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA3

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indeed i do have o.2 but i thaught id downloaded the whole thing. Obviously not. Ok so the downloads page is down. Could u possibly send me the files i need in an e-mail. My address is Ufologistx@hotmail.com . If u could post here if uve sent them id appreciate it (if u could also tell me ur e-mail so i know what to look out for). I know its a lot to ask but id like to get this working, i have friends with gta3.

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Cheers for the link but i found one and downloaded it about a sec ago. 0.3b is that latest oi believe, thats what i have. I would like to know why there is a mafia car constantly dooing backflips when im in game and why i cnt get in a vehicle? if u know?

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Ok i can get in cars (that was my fault i forgot id changed the buttons about). The mafia car is still fliping back and forth, i cant blow cars up with my gun and as i was driving along once i randomly respawned on the roof. Is all this normal. Also when i change radio stations i get a lag spike (i think i get this on normal game to though - have u ever heard of this prob, do u know what fixes it).

Desspite wiertd faults and few cars (i also couldnt find any weapons except the uzi) I love it. thanx for making it, me and my friend are gunnu try and ghive it a shot now.

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