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Drift Races : Downhill Drift Tournament

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Since I really love drifting and I love playing MTA:DM, i want to make a huge thing for who likes driftings and good on it (in SA of course) : Drifting Tournament.

This tournament will be made on a big mountain (if you don't want mods, so it will be made on Chilliad).

Racers will use Rear Wheel Drive cars (all the car that can drift except sultan, turismo and infernus).

For the tournament the minimum racers needed are 8 racers and the maximum are 20 racers.

Someone, please make a movie making server made especially for drifting on chilliad (please, someone from the mta team, make it, I'd like some cool map scriptings and some cars spawns at the sides of the mountains where will be space for the crowd to stand and some cool animations (for the race counter that says 3 2 1 go the anim that he pulls his hand up and after a few secs down and for the crowd that they're waving their hands to cheer up someone to win and boo for someone to lose)).

The race goes that the counter does the anim (that means "go") and the racers start to drive.

The racers MUST drift on every turn that is looking like needed / sharp turns (the racers will be guided before the race).

If the car explodes / wrecks, the racer that lost his car loses, but the other racer still gotta finish the race to win.

NOS is NOT allowed, ofcourse cheating and lagging is not allowed too, and especially no handling changes!

The tournament will be based on head-to-head races, for example it will go like that : Qualify round 1, Qualify round 2, Qualify round 3, Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final. Only one racer is going to win the tournament.

I didn't think about a prize, so if someone got a good idea for it, so post a reply and tell me.

That's it, hope this is going to be good.

KINGmatan :)

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