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Severe Votemanager issue, in More than just one server


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Today in my server, which runs mostly race maps, Votemanager just started being annnoying.

Basically, the issue is, every time it appears, the Same 8 maps are in it.

Concidering there is over 500 maps on the server, i find this to be odd. (and annoying because it has selected all of the worst possible maps)

but what makes the problem even more interesting is that a friend who runs another server has just today got the same problem.

we are both running the latest versions of Votemanager. and No errors are appearing in the server window.

Help is required fast. as people are allready starting to complain.

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That will be ok man, because it is now


This is what i went thru to fix it.

First the problem started about 6 hours ago.

So i figured, i would Restart the Votemanager script

problem persisted.

So i restarted it a few more times.

Problem persisted.

Restarted the Race Gamemode

Problem Persisted.

did that a few more times.

Problem persisted.

Reinstalled the server itself.

Problem Persisted.

Changed the Computers Clock back to Thursday.

Rebooted the PC.

Problem is Fixed.

so, from what this all points to is that Votemanager is Designed to Stop working properly after a ceartian date?

That is the only conclusion i can come to.

and if that is the case (Because it is not just My server that is affected) what i want to know is WHY!?

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