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[REQ]Vehicle Gas


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I made that easily on SA-MP, not sure will I be able on MTA, but I'll try because i think it will be easier on lua script sys.

If I make any progress ill release it and give here a link, but currently I'm working on Car Ramming script, and if you are making an RPG server that might be useful to you.

Cheers ;)


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Ok as I promised I'm finishing this vehicle fuel script, but for now its only basic (well still will have realistic fuel depleting system which works on distance traveled), but I will expand it. For now it has a nice fuel progress bar in the corner and a text label which informs you about how much fuel left.

This will be added at the end to my "Drivers Toolkit" which will feature my car ramming script, traveled distance meter and this fuel script, and possibly something more, so if anyone has ideas that would be great!

Cheers ;)


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