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Ghostmode always enabled

Guest FunGt

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I'm running the latest version (0.8.1) of race gamemode and I want to enable the ghostmode permanently. The ghostmode is when the cars have no collision. Some1 know how to do that? Thx.

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First off i recommend you go back to 0.8.0 because the NOS and Ghostmode don't work properly on 0.8.1.

ok in the race.zip file find the file race_server.lua, then search for this section

function launchRace() 
    table.each(g_Vehicles, setVehicleFrozen, false) 
    clientCall(g_Root, 'launchRace', g_MapOptions.duration, g_MapOptions.vehicleweapons) 
    if g_MapOptions.duration then 
        g_RaceEndTimer = setTimer(raceTimeout, g_MapOptions.duration, 1) 
    if getPlayerCount() >= (get('ghostmodethreshold') or 10) then 
        g_MapOptions.ghostmode = true 
        clientCall(g_Root, 'setGhostMode', true) 

then you change this part "(get('ghostmodethreshold') or 10"

to 1, or how many people you want in the server till it activates.

then re-zip it and clear the cashe, restart the server and it should work.

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