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I'm reasonably new to MTA, and from playing on a few different servers I've noticed that there's a 'freeroam' mode. I've managed to get this working on my own server ('start fr'?), but I was wondering if there's a proper mod that provides the options when you press F1 (or F2 on some servers) ingame?

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I used to do this way:

start broph 
start fr 

That should do that.

And that is pretty similar to freeroam, but broph enables some kind of "cheats" but if thats no problem for you its ok.

But if u want to start any particularly gamemode use:

changemode <modename> <map> 
start fr 


changemode cdm cdm_ls 
start fr 

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Thanks a lot for your replies - I've had a bit more of a play, and found the 'freeroam' resource in the 'Resources' section :-)

I'm off to go tweak things a bit more :-)

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starting broph and fr at the same time is a real bad idea, the resources are similar and share many commands, for example typing /createvehicle hydra when both are running it will create 2 vehicles

Yeah you are right.

My mistake, but I didn't used createvehicle because I had admin panel on, and I used fr gui and it still worked normally.

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