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SAES:RPG Server :: mta.vces.net:4999



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My first, and probably last MTA server. I've been poking about these forums for a while, and none of the other servers I've heard about quite compare to the SAES one.

Thumbs up folks.

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i have only recently found mta but of all the servers this one seems to not only have the potential but is also heading in the right direction to make the ultimate gta game

by far the best server

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No doubt - the best server (at least within the RPG gamemode) available at the moment!

The SAES server really takes RPG to a new level! The server has becomed a complex community where all classes/roles are somehow being an important part of the community who in a way portrays the real world. Instead of just teleporting form one place to another place, and easyli gain money by killing people you will in this world need to pay for being transported by a taxi, bus, or airplane and you'll have to work for your money. This server forces you to find your place and integrate yourself into the roleplaying and interact with the other players, and this is what roleplaying is all about. Thou it still have some lacks the scripters and managers works hard to keep establish a well-working community, and I am really looking forward to the upcoming scripts. I'm impressed both of the concept - the way the community is compound - and the technical development, as these scripts are unique, well-produced and imaginative.

I recomend everyone to give this server a try, and encourages the creators to keep up the good work! ;)

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Very good server! - I would say that if arresting wasn't that stupid. Of course, it's not that stupid as in Crazybob's CnR in SA-MP, but I think it's still a little bit unrealistic - cop just hits criminal a little bit and criminal appears in the jail. I think it would be better if it was harder to arrest criminals. At least to make cop able to arrest only if he has two times more health than criminal, for example. Because criminal has to be somehow weaker to be arrested.

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I must ask; I'm an old Vice City RPer(used to be an admin at Ankeborg for some time a few years ago) and as such expected something like that when I logged on to this server that has gotten such good comments in this thread but really, is it that true? The server has been either completely empty or a DM killingspree every single time I've logged on. It's kinda sad cause I'd love to do some serious roleplaying and that other crappy Semi-RPG server just doesn't cut it. I mean, seriously, if there's five people roleplaying and twenty-five DMing(a generous figure for the roleplayers from my experience) do they *really* think that the DMers will not interfere with the roleplayers?

Is there any other roleplaying servers out there not listed in the server list? I've seen two Ankeborg servers but is any of them a roleplaying server? Kinda lost contact with the old crew a couple of years ago so I can't ask 'em myself. =/

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After a period of not strictly enforcing the rules, whilst we let the regulars build up, we are now strictly enforcing the rules.

All regular players have now had the opportunity to see how the server operates, and the trusted regular players will be invited to auto register for the new server in production.

This server will ultimately be closed to the public, and registered players only will be allowed in.

Stats wise, we have banned over 100 hackers and over half that for DM'ing, all serial banned and not IP.

I'm pretty certain that by the time Server 2 is completed and open, the DM problem will no longer be an issue.

It is very difficult to maintain the RP element with a fully public server, but as this server is a 'stop gap' until we finish the real RP server, there will be times when people don't follow the rules or enter into the spirit of the game.

For now, just report them on our forums like other players do (i know your already registered) and we'll restrospectively deal with them.

We can't admin the server 24/7, we have jobs to do, your reports will help us in the long run.

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