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I was just wondering... what kind of bots you mean? Just some dm bots? Cuz I think ped functions won't really help you... peds will be peds. I think it might be cool to include some extra MTA specific functions with which you can create a player (just like a player is created during logon to the game) and with which you can control the player. You actually have to code its whole behaviour then, but that shouldn't matter :D Just implement some appropriate machine learning algorithms for things like walking and driving and knowing when to take cover and stuff. Well, I don't really know actually if this isn't possible with peds... but my guess is it isn't since in the game they just walk around :D well ofcourse, if you just want gamepeds, I guess you just have to wait for the peds functionality to be included. If you really want nasty little bots, I guess it's up to you to do some ingenious stuff with the peds or you maybe have to wait for the MTA team to include some useful functions for player creation and control :D

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ai scripts were already done in alpha builds just have a look here: viewtopic.php?f=91&t=22306

I already converted the AI script to the current script syntax and it works pretty fine.

You can simply call a function of this script like createPlane with a few arguments like x, y, z, radius, speed, damage and it will create a little plane that follows and attacks you if you are in it's attacking radius =)

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