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Making an standard gamemode

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Hello all,

Im busy working on an new gamemode, but i only have the script done for money and stuff, now i would like to ask what i have to script to let the mode run properly, like whats all needed, im new in makin an gamemode ive build many many normal scripts but gamemode is an hole other thing.

So hopefully you can tell what all i need to make for my gamemode.

Greatings Frank! Thnx!

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ive already got that it creates 2 teams at resourcestart, so im gonne build an map in mtarace then convert it to mtadm.

But i will take an look in the gamemodes/wiki to see how they did it.

Thanks for you help! you will hear from me when my gamemode is done :P i will upload it at mtabeta.com under the name: ADM (Area Death Match)

I hope i can make some circles with warping in them because i wanne make it that players spam in an building, then there an hole lot of circles that go to deathmatch area, and then they can select it and when there in the deathmatch are there they can pickup weapons, i tought this was an pritty sweet idea

So i hope it will all work!

Greatings Frank

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