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San Andreas Online: Unique mode for MTA

Guest SinnerG

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Hey all,

I'm looking for players to help me out coding San Andreas Online, the first to be 'MMORPG' build on MTA.

I don't have it playable yet but I do have an advanced way to load GUI (from XML into Objects see

) semi-finished (core is stable) and already a basic login done (using GUI/MySQL, prevent double logins, needs a bit of cleaning up)

We'll be using an opcode system based on the system used in MaNGOS (another MMORPG server)

This 'mode' will support peds (once dp3 is out ofc), and our own code will be handling the syncing!

I'm in the MTA QA but currently all my code is build on regular DP2 so anyone can join!

I'm looking for:

  • Someone to build up and maintain XMLGui. XMLGui will be released as LGPL.
  • Someone to help me build out the login resource
  • People to do artwork and code for the actual game resource
  • Code monkeys who just love to code

All code will be done in lua, later on some parts will be done in PHP to handle the website<>server interaction.

For your information, until further notice : the clientside will be opensource (and we'll take patches in)

Server side is Closed source means that if you join, you'll also become part of the SanAndreasOnline.net team and need to keep all server side code to yourself.

Since we'll be the only ones running it, I'm hoping to gather alot of players in the end. It'll be hosted on my 100Mbit connection until we need more bandwidth.

So if you are interested, sign up below (or ask more info) and also: join us @ #sanandreasonline @ gtanet.com irc :)

Here a preview of my login code (server side) => http://nopaste.us/43

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