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Help with controls PLEASE

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Hi all... I guess I'll post this here, where it rly belongs. I'm new to MTA... I downloaded MTA and at first i could only do Races or DM or Cops vs Robbers. Then I asked about how to do freeroam. Downloaded MTA Deathmatch and the freeroam GUI, blah blah... ok i got that. Now all I guess I need to kno, is:

1) How do I invert the default mouse cam?

2) Is it possible to bind controller functions to gameplay? I have an xbox360 controller (works for single player, and the 'old' MTA i had yesterday - before the upgrade - but not now) I want to use this for driving.


PLEASE help. I'll enjoy the online portion more if I have easier controls...

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yes i also have that problem. my joypad won't work although it used to work on mta racing version and samp. i also can't move the camera with mouse when i aim. plz help i am used in playing with joypad. are some joypads desynced in mta dm and cause probs? plz answer...

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