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I just want to say that I love the idea of serials and mtabeta but I just want to point out that there's one very big dis-advantage to them (the way they work that is). I play MTA from 3 different locations and since so many things are dependent on serials it's a real pain for anyone who doesn't play MTA on the same PC all the time :(

For example the server I play on registers an account to collect statistics and such, but it's linked to your serial which means It only saves it to the specific computer you registered on. I was just wondering if in the future it would be possible to swap serials somehow. I have a feeling it's not and I do see the advantage of having them linked to the same PC (like banning hackers), but it just sucks for people in my situation.

Also, I just had a question:

Is it possible to view what serial is linked to your current installation of MTA? I only remember 2 of my 3 accounts and I'm not even sure which one was on which PC. I want to use Magus1724 as my main one but I'm not sure if it's the one on my laptop or my desktop (which is at my moms house). I might be the only one with an issue like this but it's my situation that doesn't allow me to play regularly from the same machine. :roll:

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Another thing I wanted to know about is how the mtabeta user stats are updated. 1 of my accounts says that I never played MTA with it, when I have definitely played some MTA from both of my accounts, so the stats aren't updating I guess :?

EDIT: Still wondering about this, is it only specific servers that actually calculate stats, or should it be every server?

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Only "QA approved" or "MTABETA enabled" servers are activated with stats. These are specially picked servers which are trusted to log this information.

Oh, thanks for clearing that up, and it makes lots of sense because of hackers, and other reasons too. But how do you tell which servers have it enabled?

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