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So you guys did the DM Client for 2 years and I was thinking what did you do at all? I Had 60 ping and the another guys 50.. And we still can't hit each other.. And he shoots 3-5 meters away from me, that's even more impossible then in SA:MP with 100+ ping. Will this be fixed in the upcoming releases?

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Good for you, I played in 2-3 servers and talked to people and they say they try to aim like 1-2 meters from where you're running.. if you stand still it works like a charm..


I have a control problem, after I drive in few vehicles my contorls crash and only movement works, I can't enter cars in any way(driver or passenger), tried reinstalling mta it works for few mins and changes back again.. Anyone had this problem?


Some servers are really cheat secure aswell.. xD People flying, carrying vulcans and rpgs.

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