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Lan on GTA3


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Hi. Iam a new guy here, and would like to now about the lan type for


We've got two PC's at home and would like to play against each other, I have got the latest version of the MTA file. I know, if you start a game via LAN, then you have to have a dedicated server. Now, my problem is that i if I make a dedicated server, then I wont be able to play on that Machine against another person... Any aidea how two play over LAN, by not using a dedicated server, so both people can play on both PC's.

Thanx in Advance

Pieter :D

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i have the same problem, for direct connect computer via crossover cable what do you have to set the ports to? how do you set up each computer?

im no programmer but it seems to me that this could somehow be easier to do then all this port...request...ASE crap

then again im no professional

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