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About the news on MTA:VC

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"MTA:VC is making nice progress, check out the new movies! -=- Inclusion of animated walking in MTA:VC 0.1 is unsure"

i really enjoyed watching the new movie ... and i was left with the feeling that it was entering a state of coolness :) and really wanting to play it !

but ...

i'd rather wait for a lauch with animated walking ...

of course that if you launch it without, i'll play it anyway :lol: but this is my opinion ... we are so close ... don't blow it on rushing ...

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For some reason, animated walking has been a problem using the technique we have been using. The only reason it isn't in the dev movie is because we have been putting it off. I'm pretty sure we'll have some form of animated walking, even if it isn't quite the way we wanted.

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