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Free Spectator Mode


Free Spectator Mode: Good Idea?  

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  1. 1. Free Spectator Mode: Good Idea?

    • Definately
    • See if I care...
    • I don't see what purpose that could serve

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well, I'll be able to find places that *probably* have packages... then check 'em out later in SP (of course, I could always just download a list of em, but that would be wrong, now wouldn't it? :P)

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If you have to expend time doing this, i would rather have u expend time with the animated walking :wink: but if it's an easy to implement feature ...why not ... don't think i'll use it though ...

however ... that coupled with a limited lifes gametype could prove to be a usefull solution for all of the dead players while the living ones ... live on ...

maybe you could even spectate in a fly like appearence :) that the living players could see :D ... all this lockable server settings of course 8)

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I don't handle the finding of memory adresses for animations, I code the main.scm, which has little to do with getting the players animated (anymore) If I knew how, I would probably help them searching, but rest assured, we will find them. In fact, AJH and Rembo have already tracked down some animations this afternoon. A lot of stuff is already functional, we just need to stabilize it a lot more.

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If your in a last man standing game, once you die you can go into spectator mode like in other fps games (cs :P ), have either a third person view or a free rotating view from certain points in the city - dont know if thats possible =)

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It would be good to have a 3rd person view on your team only when your dead and not on the enemy. Or to have the option for a free look but i think thew 3rd person spectating thing with this type of rules would be abit of work to accomplish propley.. i dont know.. i could be talking shit

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