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Exitting SA without rebooting my PC

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I have a question. Sometimes, my GTA SA (MTASADM) crashes.. And I must always press the on/off button of my PC.

How can I exit MTASADM if it crash without rebooting my PC?

I have tryed:

1. To Press the Windows button on the keyboard, but that didnt help because then I see my mouse in GTA, so, not in the deskop.

2. Tryed the CTRL+ALT+DELETE


4. Tryed to open notepad, then I typed something in it, and when GTA crashes I press my on/off button so that my PC will say: ''You haven't saved this, are you sure you dont want to save this'', but that didnt help too!


I must get out of GTA without rebooting my PC!!

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MTA prevents you minimising the program, so without a wind*w m*d its not really achievable. A couple of times you might be lucky and get a crash rather than the more usual freeze, these times it will say error, press ok to close (but you can't see it). Therefore try pressing space and enter before you reboot.

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Yea the not being able to alt+tab is an issue, but I used windows classic login style window, which means when you hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, it brings up the windows menu that allows you to go to task manager if the game crashes and be able to close the game.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, think about Windows 2000 Pro when you do Ctrl+Alt+Delete, it comes up and says you are logged on and gives you 6 options, Change Password, Task Manager, Log Off, and some other crap, you can change it to this mode by going into Control Panel>User Accounts>Change the way users log on and off, and Uncheck "Use the Welcome Screen" and Uncheck "Fast User Switching". Then try Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and see if you like that, I do, because it pops it up over MTA, and allows you to run the task manager and end it quickly without having to restart your PC.

This window will show up over ANY application thats open, even MTA.

This is what I mean:


(Just some example I found on google)

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