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STS Server Tested Scripts - BETA TESTING


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Hello There.

I have Made this Beta Script, i would like if you commented about this script and asked me to update in this thread. Please do not say its rubbish :P . The info is in the zip pack. and the script. Download it and try it out! :P










Join msg (Cant customize until we finnish BETA Stages)


Greetz, -XIII-4Cazp.UK

DOWNLOAD: http://eviltoad.co.uk/download.php

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Update and show you all current commands!

Update link: http://www.eviltoad.co.uk/update.zip















!addword -- adds a banned word

!remword -- well, duh















Join msg (hmm, cant get to work...)

Edit: No Bet feature !

:P :P :P

Hope you like it :D




No Bugs now on a ! - parameter, players and bet system were messed up and/or in the wrong place, i hope this will be fixed soon!


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hmmm sorry to say this, but ur script needs lots of work, i dont mean it to sound nasty.

i can see u have taken parts from MY script and added them to yours,

the spacing is terrible and there are bracket errors in it. :roll:

u might want to try using mirc to edit your script, then u can use the { } button to check ur brackets,

that will also sort out all the spacing, making it easier to see all those errors.

some of the functions dont work fully.

also, u might want to add something like:

var %a = $iif($4 == $null,$2,$iif($mta.getid($1,* $+ $4 $+ *) == $null,$2,$v1))

at the top of mta.command so ur commands can be used on all players rather than just yourself.

ur using hashes in parts of the script, but u havent created them.

(if ur gonna rob stuff from my script, u could at least take all the parts needed)

You have 'signals' inside aliases.... these wont work.

the banname doesnt check on join if the name is banned.

tempban doesnt work either.

all in all, i think u need to have a good work thru it and fix all the errors. none of them are too major,

but then these are all simple errors... anyone who knows even the basics in scripting should be able to spot them.

if u need any help, feel free to ask.

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