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Need some Help With panel


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Hi all,

Ive got some problem with the Panel that i am developing (GMS-UCP-V1.1Beta),

Everything works fine, but then i tryed to make an memo in it with guiCreateMemo, but then the mouse doesnt work anymore and i cant close or open the panel with F4 wich i have set to do this, here's my memo script part:

newsfrontpage = guiCreateMemo( 0.01, 0.1, 0.94, 0.2, "Welcome To DJFrankie's Deathmatch Server!", true, tabFrontPage ) 
guiMemoSetReadOnly( newsfrontpage, true ) 

But i cant see what im doing wrong :S

Mayby someone knows?

And ive got an other question:

When the memo works i would like it so i can configure it from an xml file named: motd.xml, so that the users of my panel can also edit this without going into the lua script what i dont want, but i don't know how to do this can someone tell me this secret?

Greatings Frank



[NL] DJFrankie's FunServer NEW! - mta.radioxtreme.nl:22004

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