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i cant even play the game in single player help!

Guest julianblack666

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I cant play. The game crashes in normal play (single player) and in sa:mp. The game loads fine (as does server games) but when the game has loaded, it goes to the game but before i see the 3rd person veiw of my character the game crashes and restarts my computer. This is a common problem i think since so many people play this online with similar coms to mine. My computer is great and plays everything else. GTA SA is v1.00 tried the hoodlum patch, tried low graphics settings, tried win 98 compatability, tried win 2000 compata, tried deleting the gta_sa.set file.

Anyone have any fixes that i have not tried? :(

Sa:Mp = pwnage (just hope i can actually play it one day :cry:

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