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Getting kicked from all servers BY CONSOLE!!!!

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When I am entering MTA SA DM (I have the newest version - dp2 v1.0), I'm pressing "Browse Servers" and waiting for the server list.

When it's full, I'm trying to connect a server. it says i've connected, but before the download or when it starts, it leaves the game, gets back to the main window and says "You have been kicked by consolde (Invalid serial).

I tryed to connect ALOT of servers and I'm getting the same missions.

I have no cheats. I tried to delete my mods, restore handlings, delete map mods etc.

While playing i saw this is happening to more players.

Please help me and tell me why this is happening to me


KINGmatan :D

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You have to register on MTABeta.com, after that, install MTA SA Deathmatch Dp-2. You have 3 options, I want to create an account, I want to use an existing account and i dont want to create an account. I think you have chosen the 3rd option. Then you install MTASA without a serial and you wont be able to play on servers. So register at MTABeta.com and select the second option when installing. Fill in your login details from mtabeta.com and you should be able to play.

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