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hell of a pain to do it but is only way ive found so far

drive to the place u want the vehicle to spawn in the vehicle u want to spawn there

open console (f8) type getpos

result is x,y,z position and x,y,z rotation in that order

write all these down and if u are using broph and fr resource u need to open broph resource with winrar

then open broph.map and u will see all the vehicle spawns there

just copy the syntax

each vehicle should be in one line

i have tried a script from the forums that is supposed to save your position to a txt file for you

but i havent got it workin yet (i think im doin something wrong) will let u know if i get it goin


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How can i make new teams like in cdm_ls

<team name="Gang Bang" red="255" green="67" blue="255"> 
        <camera lookX="2212.98046875" lookY="-1172.8122558594" lookZ="25.7265625" posX="2223.6437988281" posY="-1146.4056396484" posZ="50.394844055176"/> 
        <weapon model="6" ammo="1000"/> 
        <weapon model="26" ammo="4009"/> 
        <weapon model="22" ammo="2509"/> 
        <weapon model="38" ammo="155"/> 
        <skin model="200"/> 
        <skin model="201"/> 
        <skin model="201"/> 
        <spawnpoint posX="2209.9833984375" posY="-1146.2722167969" posZ="27.803897857666" rot="270.626953125"/> 
        <spawnpoint posX="2212.0078125" posY="-1174.3922119141" posZ="25.7265625" rot="1.7485656738281"/> 
        <spawnpoint posX="2222.03515625" posY="-1174.6624755859" posZ="25.7265625" rot="357.98846435547"/> 
        <spawnpoint posX="2221.5832519531" posY="-1154.0797119141" posZ="25.757633209229" rot="359.86849975586"/> 
        <spawnpoint posX="2231.8771972656" posY="-1179.5238037109" posZ="29.804386138916" rot="49.352264404297"/> 
        <spawnpoint posX="2213.96484375" posY="-1179.8999023438" posZ="29.797086715698" rot="1.411865234375"/> 

Like this but i need others spawnpoints positsions and camera look pos? i want to make an army team and spawn on army but dont know pos and rotatuins

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