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"Trojan horse Downloader.Zlob.UAQ"

Guest MB|Covering Fire


What the f*ck is going on? i download the DP2 installer and AVG flags it as a trojan. see attachment.

So what in hell has been installed on my pc then? this is the installer, NOT the installed game. so its nothing to do with the problem in the sticky above.


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They are all rubbish to be honest. I use Avast but the viruses seem to sneak into your PC even with Norton.

You just have to be careful on what sites you access and what you download.

I got a virus of a .gif image lol. My firewall detected it as a threat but it wasn't a big virus, minor but in the .gif image, there was a javascript running.

Be careful what you access. This may have been caused through other ways and downloading dodgy stuff causes your Antuvirus to respond wierdly towards applications. It may have slightly corrupted your Anti-Virus therefore it may be viewing the application as a threat. :wink:

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I very much doubt it is a trojan mate. Otherwise the thousands of people that play MTA would be posted "OMGWTF" topics on the forum. Like everyone has said it's most likely a false-positive, did you download it from the MTA site?

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