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I am curious where I could find some basic and easy to understand info about GUI. For some reason I find it extremely complex, I was hoping someone is aware of a tutorial (I am not aware of one atm). And all the gamemode ones I see are very complex. I looked at mabakos PaynSpray script, and wowza awesome job, but I was totally confused. I look at the wiki but I don't know where to start. Any suggestions, or gamemodes with very basic GUI, with basic button functions etc that I can look at? I also tried the admin panel, that is very thick also, good job Toady. Thanks in Advance!

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Look at the wiki examples, it's relatively simple.

Create a window with a name i.e myWindow = guiCreateWindow( etc.

then add some control such as buttons while (usually) making the buttons parent 'myWindow'.

Any clicks on the GUI trigger the onClientClickGUI event which can be used to then perform whatever function you need that particular GUI element to do.

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