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Development Screenshots - MTA 0.3.5

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I have decided to start a thread for the Development Screenshots that I post in the #gta3mta channel on our IRC Server. These screenshots will be from any point in the development phase and not necessarily will result in the final release.

I will most likely not be the one actually posting the images (MrBump probably), but all screenshots that are posted here will be from a team member of some sort and if not, they will be deleted.

Hope you are all excited about 0.3.5. I know we are.

A BIG thanks to MrBump for hosting these images!!!

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Hi peeps,

Heres some shots from the last few days, mostly from Cray, a few from Sintax (sorry I just saved, didn't note who each time).

These where seen first by peeps in the irc channel, so if u want faster scoops you know where to sit ;)






More to come as news breaks....

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Looks good!

Can I make a little request though, please make the pics a bit smaller. :)

Us poor 56kers don't like waiting for megs of .jps to download when they could be about a quarter of the size.

If you resize to 640x480 you can get good quality from 20-30kB files.

Keep 'em coming. :D

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A few of those, like the headless one, are just odd things that happened that we thought would be funny to save. We'll try to keep Tommy's head on in the release :).

And here is huge image for you:


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We will attempt to put out some new movies at some point. We are experiecing some weird things (crashing, etc...) when Fraps is running with the new Client. We will have to figure out these problems before anything can happen ... damn!

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Although I cannot say for certain, but I do not believe that trx modded it to put in that vehicle. I am pretty sure it is an actual vehicle within the game, just not available until you complete something ...

I think :)

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We have just completed a successful test for the MTA: VC, and below is a link to some screenshots that I made while testing.


Spoiler alert. Do not view the images if you think it will spoil your single player GTA Vice City quest.

The images may not represent what will actually be in the mod. It is something that was possible and has a lot of potential.

Go here: http://meazle.xs4all.nl/gta/trx/mtavc-screens.htm

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on the second one ... is that the chat i see ???? :shock: say it is so ... please say it is so ...

this is all too sweet to be true !!!!!!!! OMG !!!!! ARGH !!!!!! I'M GOING BERSERK !!!!! :shock::shock::shock:

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i just downloaded the new movie and can't see anything ... i donloaded twice and nothing ... well i can see till :

GTA: Vice City


and nothing more ... it just stays like that with the music playing ...

tried many diferent players and nothing ... when i run DivFix it finds a lot of errors, but i still can't see anything usefull ...

anybody has this problem ?


Downloaded Divx Player 2.1 and managed to see ... weird that i can't still see with other players ... must be a codec issue ...

oh man it rocks so much !!!! and by the looks of it it's nearly done ... only missing walking animations that i managed to see ...well don't know about gametypes either ... and the movie it's not lagged :D BTW what kind of internet connections where you using to make the movie ? is it possible to get the same performance on those less fortunate cables (like mine) caped to 16KB upload ? what about the 56K modems ?

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