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Dark Dragon

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Hi everyone,

as you all should know i like mapping. Im sure you all love playing some different maps too. So it's fun for everyone when i say: My new map is complete!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present: ctf-DrA-Warehouse



This could be the best one of my 3 released maps. It's small, designed like a warehouse with many crates and shelves - it's got many weapons, many hidingpoints, a sniper spot on each side and a fair amount of ammo. I hope it has lots of fun too ;)

Download: ctf-DrA-Warehouse

By downloading you accept the following rules:

-you mustn't change the name of the map (removing the "ctf-" is okay, but "DrA" is a must have)

-you are not allowed to change anything in the map (without permission)

-you mustn't tell others that you are the author

Some quick-infos:

Mode: CTF

Version: 1.0

Teams: 2

Size: Small

Autobalance: Yes

Friendly Fire: Yes

Respawn(sec): 15

Duration(min): 10

Vehicles: No

Custom Map: Yes

Creater: eXo|Dragon[Ger]

Created: Jan 08

Specials: -

I'm happy about all feedback I get ;) Have fun (and post comments afterwards :) )

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