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Team Deathmatch (TDMA) For MTA:DM | Lost Island Final


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Hello everyone!

I just finished today this map called by Lost Island Final. I been working very long to make this better and better. I started doing this map few months ago, but i started to do it for mta:dm yesterday. I hope you enjoy it =)

Some pics:


Terrorists harbor


Screen from fight area 1 near terrorists


Another screen from same place


Destroyed house which is located at the middle of everything


Another house which is near fight area 1


Another house near last one


Inside of the last house


Same house, left side of it


Car place


Battle area 2, located at near of the professors place


Professors place


Professors harbor


Upside of the professors place


Inside of the professors place


Another room inside of the professors place


I hope you enjoyed about the pics! =)

Download the map from here: http://fin-mta.net/lostislandmta/Lost_Island_Final.zip

Some info about the map:




Silenced Pistol (100 Rounds)

Shotgun (200 Rounds)

TEC-9 (500 Rounds)

M4 (200 Rounds)

Country Rifle (50 Rounds)

Different spawnpoints: 4




Desert Eagle (100 Rounds)

Combat Shotgun (200 Rounds)

MP5 (500 Rounds)

AK47 (200 Rounds)

Sniper (50 Rounds)

Different spawnpoints: 5

I hope you like the map =)

Greetings, SanZoR

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looks very interesting. it combines many different locations. fair ammo values too! its a bit too big but shee to explore all this must be great!

edit: thumbnails would be better for the pictures ;)

Yeah, its designed for full server (128 players) Feel free to test it =)

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very nice sansor ! ^^ :)

but i think the same like dragon : it will be toooo big to go on every places and i don´t think that sometimes in my live there will be 128 people on my server ... ^^ :D

Well, i played it with 10 players and it was very funny, it took just about 10s to travel from terrorists spawn to professors.. thats not too long at all :D

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I am downloading to try this. The screenshots are not good enough for me. I wanna see how the gameplay is! :)

Lil do more maps! This one is great after the screenshots!

Hehe, i got few, but i am not willing to share them :lol:

Feel free to test them in the second most popular MTA server.

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