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The Future of -=oMg=- Official MTA Gang


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ok - i made this thread so the devs and omg members could discuss omg's future in mta

It is a gang controlled by the MTA dev. team

Since this gang is controlled by the devs, they should play a vital role in omg's rebuilding

issues like leadership etc have to be rectified at some time =)

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I was wondering if i could join. All my friends say i have mad driving skills and im pretty good shooter. I could be the Getaway driver or somin. Its up to you guys. Btw anyone know Kevas email i have a question. Thanx


"The" Driver

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ok - i have talked to blokker - and this is what is going to happen

I am taking charge of omg on a temporary basis until things pick back up (the release of the next mod i guess), no plans are made or anything, no new members will be taken in, or kicked out.

Wouldnt mind it if ALL oMg members posted a msg in here stating they are still active (if you already havent posted in here), other than that, the gang can stay as is, until the devs find some new leadership.

thanks 8)

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as i said, the gang is pretty much dead until things pick back up (new version)

im not doing anything related to the gang at all currently, im just here incase something goes wrong etc, though some enthusiasm towards the gang would be appreciated =)

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OK - im sad to inform everyone - that OMG has been disbanded by the devs =(

THe devs have no real time to play, and its no point having a gang full of noobs. The official gang should be the gang with ALL THE BEST people in it, since they are all now with vck ;-) and blasta its kinda pointless.

iggy, if your that desperate, start up ya own gang, remember blasta's rules (or lack of) regarding multple gangs.

im sad to have to do it - but OMG is official disbanded as per IJS Vogel's instructions =(

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*snif* and I never even got the chance to play it :(

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