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what the hell????????????????????

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can someone plz tell me somthing i have just gotten gta3 and the mta conversion i had a look to see how many people had downloaded it and it says about 100,000 people have downloaded it so why the hell when i run the ase that it only shows between 2 to 5 servers and there are only a couple of people i think that buying gta3 was a waste of time and money coz i thought i would be able to play online with other people i already have this game for the ps2 and its cool so can someone please tell me where is everyone please b4 i snap the disks in half with frustration

thank you to who ever can tell me if i have gone wrong somewhere or its just that people r not interested in the game thanx again


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I shouldn't reply because of your abuse (or lack) of proper punctuation, but I will anyway. Basically, ther aren't many servers because the version out right now isn't very stable and is just a very early version. There'll be more later.

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well, I'm sorry about you buying GTA3 PC thinking that MTA was working super-well, but don't snap those disks yet :wink:

future versions should bring more people and better gameplay (well... just bring gameplay actually :))

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and please, devilswrath, use a period. its that little dot under the > and should be at the end of a sentance. on my ASE, I usually see around 50 servers. tried a few and got to see people. have no clue what your doin wronge. did you accidentally but version .2 in the list?

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thanx again people and i KNOW where the full stop is thanx .............. just i dont use it on forums and chat people know what i am goin on about all the same also i just wondered does anyone know when the next version is expected and does anyone know [edit by xerox]where i can throw myself off a bridge? - DONT REQEUST CRACKS IN HERE :twisted: [/edit]thank you people anyway


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aw... what's wrong with cracks xerox?

it's no fun losing performance because one has to have their CD in the drive :)

*cough* (censored by Blokker) *cough*

that was completely random...

you'll let him go on his way.

these aren't the droids you're looking for.

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