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GTA:MTA does not start :(

Guest neonomicus

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HI, when I connect to a gameserver and am connected and then click on "Send Game Request" the answer "You Died" comes :(

can someone tell me where my mistake could be ?

I used "the all seeing eye" to find a server and pressed F9 to connect, then the window of MTA appeared and I pressed Send Game request, that was all,

thanks for help



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hmm... so, do the credits appear, or does the game crash while loading, or when it's done loading?...

Oh ya... and if you have any other mods installed, you might want to remove them... :|

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when im in a game, itz says...

finally... somethin something.... blah blah.... multitheftauto....

and i cant move, or c ppl, or join a game, or do any thing, i cant even find a server!!

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