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Favorite Server???


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You remember my "Favorite Gamemode" topic, right?Well, now it is time to choose your most enjoyable server and share it with us,

My favorite servers are the Polish Sleath server, for the great gamemode and community and Littlewhitey`s Racing server for the great racing experience.And when I feel like relaxing from shooting and racing adrenaline, I head over to that 24 hour Minigames server(forgot full name, sorry) for some fallout and hay stack climbing!

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I play on my own server only. We have a good amount of people usually. Not too many. If we had a better internet connection we would be more popular. Sadly I have to wait till I get a job to host my server somewhere else or pay my parents for a better connection. Being a kid is lame in the butt. My server is Free Roam Chaos if anyone would ever like to play. We have a lot of cool small scripts like a radar teleport, speedometer, etc. A lot of cool stuff for free roamin.

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I like playing around at AlienX's freeroam server because people are always there around my time. :D

Yes I like that place as well. I started to find I liked people there and not long ago I became an admin. But of course I'm not that shallow (shallow .... moi? Never ... :roll:) and don't only like it because I'm an admin. It is quite an original server and has a lot to offer (all thanks to AlienX of course :)) that other servers of its kind, don't. Hence, why I like it. It is friendly and original. ;)

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