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Error 10054 - Router

Guest Ph3var

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The cause of this problem can be either:

1. You put the wrong server ip into your connect box.

2. The server is running on a system with a router.

The second of these problems is similar to that of the C&C Generals problem where by the MTA server is getting the wrong IP from the host.

As far as I can tell the server is getting the internal ip (eg. instead of the external ip (eg 203.59.blah.blah).

If you create a server and then try to connect to it by putting in localhost and port 2003 it will work fine but it is limited to an internal network (only ppl lanning on your network can connect using internal ips).

Im pretty sure this is the cause of the problem and have no idea on how to fix this, apart from letting someone without a router host the server and you connect to them making sure you have redirected or opened the relative ports.

On some routers you are able to make your internal ip the same as your external ip and therefore tricking the server into using your external ip but mine doesnt so bad luck for me.

BTW. Im using a DLink DSL504 router.

Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you.

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hmm.. well, when I try and connect to a fake IP, it doesn't give me the error, so I'm not sure if the router thing is the problem... I mean, if someone gave out the wrong IP by mistake, and I tried to connect to it, it would be the same as putting in a fake IP, wouldn't it?

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