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Car overlay part 2.

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Empty server, I'd broken my record for the Bump-Slalom, so thought id experiment with the overlay bugs again.

I'd noted the vehicles destroyed at the mafia house tended to spawn in the same place, in fact larger ones (bus, dodo) will bury in the wall due to the angle they are spawned at (its not quite in line with the road and pavement).

So, Equipment: Uzi. Lots of bullets. All the mafia sentinals at spawn.

When they where all destroyed i want around the other side of the wall to see the following.. dissapointing, looked like only one had spawned.


However when i got in i realised they where all overlayed, there was so many in fact it pushed me through the floor rather than onto the roof of the other car(s)


Along with another empty sentinal.


Lets see some more pics peeps!

Any subject, Stunts, Cool views, Bugs, Weirdness or simply nicely composed views of ingame action :)

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