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[REL][Assault] "Ship II"


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The idea was taken from Driver2's "AS-Ship" map (also some code was taken from it)

Its a full remix, and a whole new feel, its Ship II.

(i hope Driver2 doesn't mind that i am using that map name)

Here is the map idea.....

Terrorists are planning to detonate a Bomb on a ship in the San Fransisco harbour. Your mission is to Stop them at all costs.

Done in an anti-terrorist sort of way. (More like Rainbow Six than Camper Strike)

Your team has to infiltrate the ship, disarm 2 bombs, and seize the ship within 10 minutes.

Here is a map of the path that the players will take.


Map Legend:

1. Boarding Location of the Anti-Terrorists.

2. First Checkpoint (AKA: Infiltrate the Outer Cargo Area)

3. Disarm Bomb 1

4. Enter the Inner Cargo Area

5. Disarm Bomb 2

6. Exit the Inner Cargo Area

7. Enter the Crews Quarters

8. Take Control of the ship.

and here is just some other various screenies.

This First one shows the Anti-Terrorist's Spawn Location.


Boarding Location


Checkpoint 1


Bomb 1


Entering the Enner Cargo Area


Bomb 2


Exiting the inner Cargo Area


Entering the Crew's Quarters


Captureing the ship


Want My first Full release for your server?

You can download it here:


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There are some Balence issues on this map that i have just discovered, so in a few days time there will be a New version made.

(This mainly involves the amount of grenades that the Terrorists have)

That will go down to only 1 grenade instead of 5, and only before the Attackers make it to "Infiltrate Outer Cargo Area"

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i agree with you dazza we played the map with about 16 people on our clan server and it was really hard to get the last checkpoint (only 2 of 8 rounds) with all the grenades^^ and usually it ended up with 5 terrorists sitting in the control room and throwing nades all the time... but maybe another solution would be to enable friendlyfire so you will probably kill more of your own team then enemies if you camp in that room.

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What happens if the 10 minutes are over?

I think it would be realy cool if you make 3 big explosions and start a new round.

(im not sure if this is possible but: You could make the ship sink after the explosions en set all player camera's at the sinking ship.)


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I dont know enough about this map code to set off explosions if the terrorists defend.

Looks nice.

Just take a look as-ship.lua how to create explosions. It's just a couple of timers with createExplosion() calls. You'd have to change the event handler of course, to onAssaultEndRound and check the first parameter if the base was conquered or not.

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  • MTA Team
ive given up on even bothering to learn LUA.

i have been studying this crap for weeks, and none of it makes any more sence now as it did a month ago.

Help can always be found on #mta.scripting at irc.multitheftauto.com (or irc.gtanet.com )

Looks nice btw

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