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[Req] : Rules - Accepting Screen on join?

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It was, yes. But the one I put up there was buggy and not up-to-date (would crash your server in particular situations), so I wouldn't recommend you to use the server-side script. I've never claimed this script as released, hence it's probably older than the one I'm using right now on the server and might not work, at all, can't tell you.

Impressing at least how a yet-so-simple script makes it to a request.

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I'm currently busy with a MOTD script with tab support. It's not really finished yet because I want to make an ingame editor.

It could be adapted to your needs. It also has a "Do not show again" option, so once they accept it, they will never get to see it again (unless the rules get updated)

Stay tuned.

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