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Let's keep this forum alive peeps...

Damn Diablo's. Always getting high...


Call out the Flying Squad to sort them out.


Just a nice pic of ORION hitting a jump after me.


C'mon peeps lets see some mta experiences.

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Oh please, sarcasm .... I know what it is, I just refuse to accept that it is there. :P

Nah, GTAT is good and it is always healthy to have some competition. Good luck to the entire GTAT team.

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wel the pic looks sweet, cray. nice that you guys snuck a screen in on the progress. as it looks, you guys are makin some great progress on it. I havent played the GTAT mod yet. heard to much bad stuff about it. I'm a patient man and willing to wait for the quality product I'm sure you guys will produce.

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