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Window mode - and back?

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Hey freaks ^^

just a little question "à coté".

using the console i can switch to the window mode, using the command window

is there a command like fullscreen or something to get back to the "normal" view?

thanks in advance,


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I had the same question.

I tried "window" again, as well as "window 1" and "fullscreen" but they don't work either. Not sure if I was on a server or not when I tired though :|

EDIT: So I tried again and made sure I was disconnected but I couldn't go back to fullscreen

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I think it would be good to make server admins possible to switch between windowed mode without disconnecting. From time to time we have to manage other stuff like TeamSpeak admining, so it's a bit frustrating to disconnect every time from MTA:SA.

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