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heavy air

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i have been hearing about people getting banned from MTA for cheating

i am quite concerned about this as i love mta and would be gutted if i could no longer play

ive asked a few people in game about this but there all very vague

what exactly is cheating people dont seem to mind me spawning cars and guns so are

we talking about car skin mods or trainer programs or something ELSE!

i would really like to know as i enjoy being part of the MTA community and

would hate to be removed with a global ban



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Cheating in online games are activities that modify the game experience to give one player an unfair advantage over the other players. Depending on the game, different activities constitute cheating, as it is often a matter of consensus opinion.


everything that is done by an extern application/tool is cheating

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sorry to be a pain :oops:

just want to clear one last thing

i have started my own server (Heavy Air Freeroam Server)

what i really want to do is make movies (although must admit still enjoy deathmatch lots)

me and some friends want to try to remake the giant chase scene from smokey and the bandit

but i will need to change the way the police cars and the buffalo look

i dont want to make them faster or give them guns or anything just change the way they look

eg (the police cars from the movie and i need a trans-am for bandit)

so long as i dont change the handling , speed or toughness of the cars is this O.K.

sorry if this is a silly question but i can imagine the MTA team getting quite upset and i think there AWESOME!!

also am i aloud to change the script files for gamemodes so long as i dont mess with the credits

i want to put ramp spawning into freeroam as i find it very difficult to get my new maps to load

and the map editor isnt finished

i was also considering trying to add weapons to the vehicles like in the interstate server but from what has been said

i think that would CHEATING!! :shock:

i want to add weapons to vehicles so i can play interstate 69 but in the freeroam map

i find the one provided is a bit restrictive


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  • MTA Team

You can replace vehicles in game using a script, without replacing mta files. Changing vehicle models, even without handling is not good too, you change the bounding boxes which might cause sync quality drop. About scripts, i'd better ask the author first.

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Look. By cheating, they mean a very annoyign person that goes into a server having modified his configs or using a cheat trainer, and uses that to give him an unfair advantage over people, and ruin their game by winning. So what you do in your own server is absolutely fine. No one in the MTA team is uhnreasonable enough to say 'im gonna ban that guy for modifying the game files in his own server'. So just don't use them in a public server basically.

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OUCH :cry::shock:

you don't need to mod the game to change car skins, you can do that by using scripts (that's not cheating)

PS) nobody will ban you for using cheats on your own server, anywhere else you will be banned, if you're cought cheating on an official server you'll also get a global ban

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Thanx man :D

i do go on public servers but i dont think i would know how to mod on someone elses

all ive learned how to do is alter the scripts a bit so i get the cars and things i want

and so i can spawn ramps 8)

sorry if sounds dumb but what do u mean u can mod cars with scripts

(add upgrades , change colors) or other stuff

i know how to change what cars spawn and what color they are but thats about it :oops:

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sorry if sounds dumb but what do u mean u can mod cars with scripts

(add upgrades , change colors) or other stuff

i know how to change what cars spawn and what color they are but thats about it :oops:

you can change the model (appearance of the car), for example you can replace the manana with a custom ferrari, atm you cannot modify handling meaning it will look different but it will drive like the original vehicle

for more information about scripting and custom vehicles, check the dev wiki ;)

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I got your issue and there is no need to worry.By using scripts to change car colors and to add upgrades, is not unfair because this is provided by the server.However if you create/download your own script which can do something that is not intended to be in the server,

you can get a ban.

No need for this topic anymore, mods should lock it.

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